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The Basics Of Hair Types

Everybody has hair. However, there are very few people who actually know the type of hair that they have. There are about ten types of curly types of hair. There are quite a number of factors which determines the difference in hair types. Here you will learn the basics of hair types.

In most cases, genetics determine the type of hair type that you are going to have. For instance, if both your parents have curly hair, you will also have curly hair. Keratin is the protein which is tasked with producing hair. A single follicle in your skin provides anchorage to a single hair strand. The major determinant of the hair type is actually the follicle shape. Some of the other factors which determine are medical conditions and hormones.

For your hair to curl naturally, you will need to have follicles which are asymmetrical in shape. The more symmetrical the follicles are, the straighter your hair will be. Also, the distribution of keratin on your hair will determine whether you will have straight or curly hair. There are some of the hair types which you need to familiarize yourself with.

First is the straight hair. Straight hair is known to be resistant to damages. Also, you will realize that when using oils on the hair, a person with straight hair will have their hair become oily in no time. Straight hair is categorized into three subtypes. There is type 1A, type 1B and type 1C. Type 1A hair is actually thin. This hair is usually hard to curl. Type 1B is actually thicker compared to type 1A. It has more volume as compared to type 1A hair. Type 1C is straight and still coarse. You can click on this website to discover more about hair types:

The second type is the wavy hair. Wavy hair can be made straight or curly quite easily. Wavy hair is categorized as type 2A, type 2b and type 2C. Type 2A is straighter as compared to the others. However, it is basically s-shaped. For type 2B, you will realize the S shape is distinctive as compares to 2A hair. For type 2C hair, you will realize that it is the thickest of the three types. The s shape will start near the root.

The third type is the wavy hair. This hair basically entails curls which are S-shaped. They are categorized into three subtypes. Type 3A, type 3B and type 3C. among the three, type 3A is the finest and type #c is coarse.

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